Graphic Design in the Big Apple

Yahoo MWC

Softonic info graphic for the MWC presents on time at the start of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Softonic’s software experts take a look at the evolution of mobile communication. The Softonic infographics brings together the most influential products of the last years and shows the currently most popular apps. In Germany this is followed clearly WhatsApp, at the moment by Google play on the second and TubeMate third. Since 2006 held the exhibition in Barcelona for the first time, the number of users of mobile devices constantly and with record speed increases: 2012 there are already 6,000 million users worldwide. Technology companies provide themselves since a race about who developed the next product, shaking up the mobile market. So far belonged to the most important launches Yahoo one connect (2007), Google Android (2008), the Windows phone from Microsoft (2012) and the launch of Fouresquare in five new languages (2011). Softonic is also tips, what apps visitors of the MWC definitely need to stay up to date.

To do this is of course also the GSMA, the official MWC app. More tips in the infographic. We are looking forward to what new products this year at the MWC ahead. Certainly, the exhibitors will have many surprises in store!

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